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HiNT Peripherals builds durable MDT dashboards mounts, MDT stands, heavy duty laptop mounts, laptop trays, univseral laptop trays, universal laptop cradles, MDT locking brackets, computer locking brackets, laptop locking tray, radio locks, radio mounts, radio trays, quick connect slides, quick connect mounts, data cables, job-call alarms, selective calling alarms, selective calling pagers, memory back-ups, and other customized products.
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What is G.R.I.P. Power?

G.R.I.P. stands for Gradually Reactive Incremental Pressure. In other words, the more we tighten a single knob, the tighter two moving axes become. This technology was developed to minimize the number of knobs that the user has to adjust in order to move or secure the mounting system. Thousands of products using this technology have been deployed with outstanding results. It is simple, it is powerful, it is a profesional grade tool designed for the toughest environments.
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